MHacks Pong Turret

I created this color-seeking ping-pong ball launcher at MHacks 2015.

The CMULabs Pixy camera on top of the turret tracks the trained color (of your choosing) and launches the ball once the sight picture is zeroed. This is what I used:

Raspberry Pi 1

12V DC gearmotor

Bipolar 12V stepper motor

5V step-down regulator

12V wall adapter

Pi Cobbler (for GPIO breakout)

Breadboard + wires

DC motor driver

Bipolar stepper driver

CMULabs Pixy Cam

Ethernet cable (for installing libraries on the Pi)

Wood + metal + PVC

Hot glue + duct tape

Rubber bands

I survived with a couple of welts. Power tools are awesome. Yeah, I got shut down a couple of times. Sorry about that folks :P

Hmm. Still needs calibration.